How To Transition From High School To College

4 12 2008

By: Robbin Currie


High School Graduates

High School Graduates


When I graduated from high school I thought I was ready for college. In high school I didn’t study a lot. I waited until the last minute to study for tests and do my homework assignments. That wasn’t always a good idea but everything came easy for me. I graduated number 20 in my class out of 150 students. When I got to college I was in store for something that I didn’t believe was true. Many people say that the transition from high school to college is easy. In my opinion its not, but it’s the time of your life when you really get to know yourself and develop study skills and habits. I will be giving you many tips that will help you transition from high school to college and make you an excellent college student.

Even if you were at the top of your class in high school, everything will change once you receive your first college exam grade. At universities there are fewer assignments so every grade counts. The first thing that you will need to do is make your schedule. If you are a freshman you will not have classes yet that go toward your major, so you will be taking university requirements. Consider taking an elective class that will help with your grade point average and keep your stress level down. If you are not a morning person try to stay away from 8:00 a.m. classes. Now that doesn’t mean take all evening classes, because once the cold sets in, you may find yourself skipping a lot. If you feel the need to work, have your schedule where you have time to study and do homework. I understand that many freshmen come in undecided on a major but it will be a good idea to have something in mind. It will make you feel like you have something to work towards. PLEASE go to every class and take notes so you can study them. Not all professors take attendance; but when you show up you learn more about the information and what the professor considers important.

You have made it this far, but this is the time in your life where you need to develop your independence. Take responsibility and initiative when it comes to yourself. Your parents are no longer around to tell you what to do. Unlike high school, your professor doesn’t collect and check homework. Be sure to stay on top of all of your readings as well. You need to take studying seriously. The best place for you to study is the library because your dorm room is full of distractions. If you are struggling in a class get help immediately. Every professor has office hours and times set aside for students to come talk to them and get help. Many colleges offer free and mandatory tutoring and workshops that will help you with your academic needs.

Now this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun; at times you need breaks from all the work you’ve done. When you go to college, you need to make new friends. It will be much easier for you to transition once you do so because you will meet a lot of people who may feel the same way you do. I know that you might get home sick but don’t go home as much. Try to stay away from home as long as you can. Call your family and friends when you are feeling down or just to say hi. Try to get involved and get yourself known on campus, even if that means joining clubs or getting involved in the community.


The last thing for you to do is get to know your campus. When you first get there, walk around the campus and find out where your classes are. Hopefully all of the advice I have given you, will make you an excellent college student.



College Graduates

College Graduates


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College Relationships

2 12 2008

spaceballBy: Robbin Currie

Couple Relationships

Couple Relationships

Many people say that the people you meet in college are going be your friends for the rest of your life. I believe this statement is true. I have talked to a lot of people that said, the people they met while in college, are still friends to this day. As individuals we want a relationship with people who we can share our joy and sorrow with and someone that understands and cares. It is nice to know that you have someone to help you with anything and someone you can count on. When most people hear the word relationship, they usually think that you are talking about a relationship between two people. There is more than one type of relationship that you can share with someone You can have a social relationship, and a dating relationship. There are a lot more relationships that you can share with someone but those are the main two that develops every relationship.

In social relationships, communication skills and habits have a great influence on how we develop a social relationship with someone else. Communication involves talking, listening, writing, giving advice, and non-verbal communication (body language and touch). When you have a social relationship with others you feel as if you can talk to your friend about anything, and that person will be there to help you through it all. In college you develop a social relationship with a lot of people and this is what they call “networking”. Networking is when you are trying to get yourself known. You may ask for help with your work, or just have a general conversation with people.

College dating is a chance for you to get to know yourself. College dating is different from high school dating. When you were in high school your parents had a lot of say so in your relationship. Now that you are in college, you have freedom and don’t have to worry about what your parents say. This may mean being more open to the person you may date due to their religion, race, and background. Most college students just want to date different people and many want to find their spouse. Dating in college can sometimes affect your grades. Many people say partying, having a job, and joining a sorority or fraternity can also affect your grades and this is true also. The main thing to remember is that you are supposed to have fun in college but also get an education. When you get into a relationship you and your roommate are suppose to set some rules about certain things.

When you go to college you lose a lot of friends but also make new ones. I came to Michigan State University with six people I used to go to high school with. One of the girls was my best friend and we don’t even talk any more. I used to wonder why? After doing research about how everyone changes when they get to college, I found out that some people just out grow each other and some find others who they feel they are more socially compatible with.






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How To Pack For College

2 12 2008

By: Ashley Ginn

Here is a video that sums up what you should and should not pack for college. The process as far as following the guidelines are pretty accurate.

Whether To Live In The Dorms

1 12 2008

Written by  Jonathan Boland

Chances are if you plan to attend a four year university you will most likely end up living in a residence hall on campus your freshmen year, commonly referred to as a dorm. Dorms provide students with a great opportunity to interact with other students of many different backgrounds on a daily basis.


Students immediately realize that they are surrounded by people who have different routines than they are used to at home. People are coming and going at all hours, people play loud music while others try to sleep, students quickly find themselves adjusting to all of this very rapidly. For a large portion of students it is their first time sharing a room with another person, for some with a complete stranger. Returning students find themselves torn on whether to live in the dorms again or to live in a house or an apartment. Life in the dorms has its pros and cons.



Holmes Hall at Michigan State University

Holmes Hall at Michigan State University

Living in the dorms is an excellent way to meet people. Students are surrounded by their peers who are away from home for the first time. Leaving the door open or simply introducing oneself to another floor mate is an easy way to make life long friends. Also, since everyone lives so close to each other in the dorms, going over to a friends place to hangout is as simple as walking down the hall, which is very convenient when the weather outside isn’t cooperating. In addition to this, most dorms today are co-ed, which most off-campus housing doesn’t offer. Dorms also save students time, because they are located on campus, close to classes, which is very convenient, especially for that 8 am class.



Although dorms have a lot of positives, they also have a lot of negatives. Since students are close together, there isn’t a whole lot of privacy. Also, everyone is on a different schedule, which can be annoying at times, especially when people are playing loud music and slamming doors when other students are trying to study or sleep. Reading and other activities are often hard to complete because of the noise.



One of the main reasons why students choose to live in an apartment or house is the simple lack of space. Apartments and houses are very appealing because they can give students their own room, and sometimes their own bathroom. In addition to this, apartments and houses are great for having parties, which many students take advantage of. Although apartments give many students the space they desire, they isolate them from other people, limiting new opportunities to meet new people.


Most students live in the dorms for one or two years, then search for housing off campus. The dorms play a key role in the college experience, and are recommended for freshmen. With the right attitude dorms can provide a fantastic time for new and returning students.


1 12 2008

Written By: Ashley Ginn

YES 2 FREEDOM!!! I would have to say from personal experience that one of the best things that I love about College Life is the amount of freedom I have. I have experienced a lot of new things as a college student, but I would definitely have to say that being free, and away from my mother has been the very best experience of a lifetime! I remember the first day I stepped onto college campus, I couldn’t wait to be on my own exploring all that was within my reach. I love how I no longer have to deal with my mother’s rules and having to do chores every weekend. Nor do I have to worry myself with a curfew because I am allowed to stay out as late as I please, for as long as I please. I also love the fact that I have a choice as to what I choose to eat, instead of being forced to eat mom’s cooking all the time. Now I’m not saying that I didn’t love my mother’s cooking (because I did), but every now and then I did want to skip a home cooked meal, and fill up on some fast food instead (preferably Popeye’s)!! So the choices of food up here on college campus are never ending, and since I love to eat, well that most definitely works for me. You have the pleasure of eating in your hall as well as other halls in the area or wherever you may be, so that’s pretty convenient especially in between classes.


I also love how I can stay up as long as I please without having to worry about a depressing bedtime. If you are truly going to get the best out of college, then it’s very important that one go to a school with a college campus, so that way you can live on it and be free! Or if you go to a school that has no campus, then I suggest getting an apartment and being free. Living on campus has many advantages. Unlike high school, in college you make up your own schedule so you can customize it to your liking. If you are a morning person then you are most likely going to schedule some 8am classes, but if you’re a night person like me, then you’re going to schedule some afternoon classes. When it comes to your classes, they are easily accessible, and depending on which hall you’re living in, some are even in walking distance.  Also when you choose to live on campus, you are better aware of what’s going on around campus such as activities, concerts, games, etc. One of my favorite things about living on campus is that it makes for easy visitation when I want to go and visit my friends. Even though some of them stay kind of far from me, they are still worth the travel. So with that being said, either which way you choose to go, it doesn’t really matter, just as long as you are away from your parents and on your own. Not only is that one’s start to FREEDOM, but also the road to independence. YES 2 FREEDOM!!!!!





College Life Video

23 11 2008

This is a video I found on You Tube about college life, it is rather humorous and I thought you might enjoy it.


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